A little about us

VIP Landscaping & Irrigation Services has been providing great customer service and quality work since 2001. What set us apart from the rest if the fact that the owner is actively involved with all the operations ensuring that the crew has the resources they need to complete the work they are tasked.

Celso, the owner of VIP Landscaping & Irrigation Services, Inc. started the company in 2001 for the love of the outdoors and passion for creativity. Celso is able take your imagination to a blue print and implement the project on your canvas allowing you the opportunity to enjoy what you created for years. When you call VIP you can rest assured that Celso will be the one answering the calls as he remains intimately involved in the daily operations of the company. With over 10 years of experience and major investment portfolio in training, Celso and VIP will deliver the services to you from experience, not while learning on the job.

Quality and Savings Guarantee

VIP Landscaping & Irrigation Services will only provide absolute best in services and experience with the crew. With over 10 years of experience in the industry VIP has learned to operate business very efficiently thus able to lower operational cost and provide you with very competitive pricing without downgrading the quality of materials or cutting corners.

Memberships & Licenses