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Here are three signs that it could be time to aerate your yard

1. Your lawn is thinning. If your yard seems to be thinning and you can't trace any other obvious cause, such as a new source of shade or watering changes, the reason may be soil compaction.

2. Lawn fertilizer doesn't do much good anymore. When soil is highly compacted, the lawn fertilizer nutrients are unable to reach the roots of grass. If you fertilize but don't see much in the way of results, you may have overly compacted soil.

3. You have a lot of runoff. Overly compacted soil doesn't absorb water as well as soil with space between particles. If you're starting to see more runoff than normal, and more rain or irrigation isn't the cause, you may need to aerate.

There are many benefits of core aeration

Core Aeration keeps your lawn greener, reducing the cost of watering by:

1) Improving drainage & reduce runoff

2) Reducing soil compaction

3) Controlling thatch development

4) Reducing drought damage

5) Allowing water, air, and nutrients direct access to the root system

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